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Dog Owners Responsibilities on Dog Bites

Personal injury claims regarding dog bites may depend on the state you are living in, and what laws they follow. There are generally two types of laws when it comes to dog bites: the “one bite” and strict liability. When filing a personal injury claim, consult with a lawyer first to determine the extent of the damage and know which laws apply in your state and situation. Failure to do so may only waste time and money on your part.

If you are in Nashville, Tennessee, you may be in luck when you have been a victim of a dog bite. Laws in the state make dog owners liable for injuries or damage that their pets cause, notwithstanding the animals’ past behavior. The law states that anyone who has been bitten by a dog in a place where they have legal right to be can hold the dog owner responsible for the injury caused by their pet. However, the law further specifies that the dog owner shall be held liable if the injury occurred in the property that the dog owner owned or controlled, or if the victim was in the area but was bitten outside the property after being chased by the dog.

There are defenses that the dog owner can use to protect their rights and content their side, therefore it helps to have a lawyer help you make a personal injury claim. Because dog bite statues differ, as there others that specifically apply to dog bites only while others apply to other types of animals, it is vital to understand how the state’s law will work on your case. If you have employed the help of a personal injury lawyer for your dog bite claim, it would be easier to win the case due to the present evidence. Oftentimes, the defendant also prefers to settle the case outside of court.

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