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Car Accidents due to Negligence and/or Lack of Courtesy are Inexcusable

Thousands of lives are lost every year in fatal car crashes that involve drivers who are drunk or alcohol-impaired. Despite all the programs from government agencies and private groups to educate and warn drivers about the dangers of drunk-driving, however, traffic authorities know that people will continue to drive while impaired.

Drunk driving is a major traffic offense in all U.S. states. Alcohol, as it has always been proven, impairs a person’s motor skills and mental capacity, as well as affects his/her coordination, reaction time, judgment, perception, and overall capability to keep his/her focus on the road. Lack or loss of control over any of these skills can easily result in a crash that may injure or kill not only the drunk driver himself/herself, but also his/her passengers, pedestrians and other motorists. It is due to the increased risk of harm that may befall innocent lives which makes drunk driving a major offense.

Though the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level limit for car drivers is 0.08 percent, studies have shown that a 0.02 percent BAC level can already affect a person’s driving ability and response time. The possibility of figuring in a crash increases after 0.05 percent BAC, becoming even higher after 0.08 percent; thus, under all state laws, an individual is considered alcohol-impaired if he/she has a BAC level of 0.08% or higher and, if caught, will be charged with drinking under the influence (DUI) or drinking while intoxicated (DWI). To reduce the risks brought about by drunk-driving, some states authorize traffic enforcers to charge a driver with impaired driving or DUI even if such driver’s blood alcohol concentration level is below 0.08 percent, so long as the arresting officer sees that the driver’s abilities are impaired.

In 2013, there were 1,171,935 DUI arrests in the U.S. including in the District of Columbia. 2010 records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show as high as 1.4 million arrests. The U.S. justice system will hold fully liable drunk drivers who cause accidents that injure or kill. Besides the criminal charge and the penalties, offenders will also face monetary liabilities towards their victims.

According to Ali Mokaram, “Accidents can happen for countless reasons and many are unavoidable, but car accidents that are preventable by using common sense and courtesy are inexcusable. Victims of these accidents often will suffer through years of personal injuries and financial backlash for an accident they did not cause.” Due to these, it may be wise for those injured in car accidents to get in touch with a seasoned car accident lawyer immediately, who may be able to help them seek the compensation that they are legally allowed to claim.

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