Tetrising: Vernacular for Fitting Loads in a Package

Here at Loads More Stuff, we always appreciate new ways to fit LOADS of stuff into small small space. We’re happy to learn a new word to describe the act of strategically stuffing luggage to capacity.

tetrisIf you’ve ever played one of the myriad incarnations of Russian-made puzzle video game Tetris, you’ll jump on the chance to incorporate this into your vocabulary: Tetrising.In Tetris, your goal is to fit blocks into rows. Each complete row is deleted and points are granted based on the number of rows cleared at once, with the most possible at once being four.

“Tetrising” is a verb used to describe the effort put into fitting many things perfectly into place, much like you would while playing the game. It’s an incredibly apt description of what’s at play when a you’re trying to squeeze every last square inch out of a suitcase.

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